Love Is Timeless
— Beau'Joli

Beau Joli, Began her career performing at the age of lucky 7, in the family church in a small town in North Carolina, little did this small town know, they were setting the stage for a mega star. Free local open mic performances in Atlanta, Ga, is where Ms. Joli would perfect her craft, all the while, she was giving the world a glimpse of what was to come.


"One Life Live It" Beau'Joli stated in one of her interviews as one of the things that motivates her everyday to do what she love which is music. One of her goals is to become a great inspiration and awakener for the people." We have to understand that we are our worst enemy, our purpose is to do what we love and enjoy life period, Beau'Joli said, what else ?". "Everyday we are all given the same opportunity to become great, Beau'Joli said, and the greatest accomplishment is in ones's self".

Beau'Joli released her first single "I'm Free"in Charlotte, NC, 2013. Beau'Joli started to gain great local exposure. Shortly after she relocated to Atlanta, Ga,  releasing a single in 2014 called "I Still". Beau'Joli then was offered her own "Pandora Station". "I Still" began to gain global exposure and listeners. Beau'Joli performed "I Still" at local venues around Atlanta Georgia. In 2015 Beau'Joli released a single called "Addicted" which brought her more shows and exposure around Atlanta. "Addicted" was also aired on internet radio stations such as, XNBNX,Excitement Radio, Pandora Etc. Following her new Mixtape "Born For This" released in 2016 with her new single "Single". Which was featured as one of Hot New Hip Hop "Heatseekers" winners."Single" gain thousands of plays on Soundcloud and a promotion deal from HNHH. Beau'Joli have multiple songs in rotation on Pandora, Spotify, W.O.A International radio station etc. Her music is available for download on Soundcloud and her website.